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Insert Query in Sql Server 2008

A new method introduce in sql server 2008 to insert multiple values lets use that in this tutorial to insert data.
let`s create a table first 

Create Table
DummyTable2008 ( ID Int , Name Varchar(30) , Age Tinyint )

  • Please Note if you don`t define columns nullable or not sql server by default take it as nullable column so above all columns are nullable.

insert multiple data into Table in 2008 Syntax :

Insert Into TableName values ('data1' ,'data2') , ('data2' , 'data2')  ...

Let`s use this syntax and insert the data in the table.

INSERT INTO DummyTable2008

VALUES (1,'Neeraj' , 26),



Insert multiple data in sql server 2008

If  the columns are Nullable (accepts empty values) then we can left those column empty example :


INSERT INTO DummyTable2008 (ID , Name)

VALUES (4,'Vicky' ),


Insert multiple values in sql server 2008 with null

Now let`s view all the records

View all Insert Data from dummytable2008

DownLoad Script Used
(Right click the link and choose "Save As.." to download this file.)


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